Places to Visit

Ella is probably one of Sri Lanka’s best kept secrets that offers plenty to keep you fascinated during a few days stay.
Ella has a variety of places that could keep you fascinated and occupied during a few days’ stay. Apart from the mesmerizing views of beautiful mountains, the provideshelter to many precious floras simply unwinding the cool climate you could set out trekking adventure or safari to a nearby places such as:

Little Adam’s Peak & Ella Rock

Ravana Falls

Little Adam’s Peak & Ella Rock
Little Adam’s peak and Ella Rock are the best-known tourist attractive places in Ella.
⦁ You must climb for those into hiking and trekking
⦁ A challenging climb and takes about three hours
⦁ See spectacular views of the valley

⦁ The Ravana Falls a wonderful sightseeing attraction
⦁ Ranks as one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka
⦁ The waterfall measures approximately 25 meters (82 ft) in height and cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop
⦁ The falls form part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary
⦁ A 20 minutes ride away from the hotel
⦁ Visit the nearby Ravana caves, which according to history, is famed to have held who was kidnapped from India by Ravana

Nine Arch Bridge (Aarukku Paalama)

An exact century old Nine Arch Bridge also known as the Bridge in the Sky, is an iconic bridge situated in Demodara in Ella. Its exact location is between Ella and Demodara railway stations. The bridge and the surrounding area seen an increase in tourists due to the architecture of the bridge and the lush greenery in the hills nearby.
The Structure of Nine Arches Bridge stands at a length of 300 ft and a height of 80 ft. The bridge has 9 spans to it and is made of stone, brick and cement as opposed to steel. It is a popular place for capturing photographs, among both locals and foreigners. This is the one of the best tourist attraction places in the world and it is nominated for one of heritages

Ravana's Cave

This waterfall measures approximately 25 m (82 ft) in height and cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. During the local wet season, the waterfall turns into what is said to resemble an areca flower with withering petals. But this is not the case in the dry season, where the flow of water reduces dramatically. The falls form part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary, and is located 6 km (3.7 mi) away from the local railway station at Ella.

Dowa Rajamaha Viharaya

Dhowa Rock Temple is a protected heritage site in Sri Lanka, situated in the central mountains of the Uva province. Dhowa is a small, ancient village situated on the Badulla – Bandarawela main road. This temple is situated 210 km (130 mi) east of Colombo and 120 km (75 mi) south of Kandy.